Monique Romeijn, beeldend kunstenaar

Monique Romeijn

My art almost always arises from the eternal structures of nature. It is an intuitive process, in which I describe the space, relief and rhythm of the landscape in controlled carves in wood or a fast stroke of ink or oil on canvas. Essentially recognisable, but also fragmented and narrative about what slumbers just below the surface. There is always the suggestion of what could be beyond the horizon or outside of the frame.

By residing temporarily in diverse spaces, my work has the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with its environment, which is fundamental for my work process. It repeatedly opens up new perspectives to observe surroundings and interpret narratives.

After graduating from the teachers' education in visual and textile arts in Tilburg and Nijmegen and obtaining a Master of Fine Art at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL), I worked for several years from Berlin on drawings, paintings and wood engravings. Back in the Netherlands, I discovered the wetland ‘de Peel’ in the province of Limburg, a lasting source of inspiration. I established myself in Venlo, as an artist and a teacher in painting and perception of art.

Monique Romeijn
tel. 0031 (0)6 27028816

Temporary studio Venlo (NL), 2020-2021