Kunstencentrum Venlo
Since 1990 I have been a painting and visual arts teacher at the Venlo Arts Center (NL), previously known as the ‘Vrije Academie’; art school and workplace for the visual arts. I teach the course Sketching and Painting and provide museum workshops ‘Perception of Modern Art’ in cooperation with Museum Van Bommel van Dam in Venlo. In 2013 I started to supervise the Painting Masterclass .

The course 'Art Stories' in 2015 was a series of art lectures set up and performed in collaboration with architectural historian Eva Wetsteijn.

From March 2017 I am active in the workgroup on innovation for courses visual arts for Venlo Arts Center. In 2019 I coached a student 'Teacher Fine Arts and Design', Fontys Tilburg.

Odapark, center for contemporary art, Venray
Odapark is a centre for national and international contemporary art, located in a historical nature reserve.
The Odapark Kunstlab, the art lab, opened in March 2016 as the new pavilion for art education, art experience and talent development. odaparkMy activities from October 2015 to July 2016 focused on starting and developing innovative educational projects and the organisation and planning of the art lab within Odapark. The first Kunstlab project with the title 'Still' is a subsidy granted by the Prince Bernard Culture Fund.

Odapark Monique Romeijn

Dagblad de Limburger
Kunstlab binnen en buiten

Co-founder of ‘Valise atelier & natuur’ in Sevenum (NL), 2001-2013. Workshops, courses and packages on drawing & painting, nature hikes and vegetative styling. I was responsible for the painting courses and workshops in ‘de Peel’ and developed activities for adults and children, in which art and nature meet.


Museum van Bommel van Dam
Museum teacher in Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL), 1996-2011. During the education program for students of primary and secondary schools, I provided drawing, painting and graphics workshops and I guided tours for adults (also in German).

Publication by ‘Kunstfactor’ in 2011, Utrecht (NL), Utrecht.

van Bommel van Dam

‘Beeldvaardig’ is a series of manuals for art education in primary schools. Every manual contains lesson plans on drawing, crafts, textile arts and perception of art. I participated in developing the didactic structure and objective, guiding the test schools in Venlo and Sevenum (NL) and writing the part titled ‘Textile arts in primary schools’. First edition printed in 1996, publisher is Bekadidact/Cantecleer (NL).