untitled, 2014
ink and oil paint on canvas
120 x 120 cm



inkt en olieverf op houtsnede

untitled, 2013
ink and oil paint on wood engraving
90 x 90 cm
privately owned




Painting is like weaving. Shapes, planes and lines push into and over each other.
It is as a construction that fits together.
A woven cloth with elements of images becomes part of a painting.




gemengde techniek

‘Construction’, 2005
ink and acrylic on canvas
110 x 110 cm



inkt, acryl en houtdruk op doek

‘Reflection’, 2006
ink, acrylic and woodprint on canvas
110 x 110 cm



monotype en gemengde techniek

‘12-4-88’, 1988
monotype and oil paint on fabric
74 x 60 cm
privately owned